Shiny New Things

I have shiny new things to show you! A few year’s ago I took a jewelry class and for some reason made a bunch of very cool embossed fine silver pendants. I wasn’t sure what to do with them so sadly, they sat for a while.

And now I work part time at this amazing store on Mass Ave called Silver in the City where the management and staff are awesome and my [very limited edition] line of necklaces and stud earrings are now available. So go forth and shop.


I have a new Indianapolis postcard design, too! It features an original painting/drawing of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Also available now at Silver in the City. Time to send some snail mail!



Garden Inspired

This weekend I started work on a garden inspired commission. I got some great photos of a few of the plants from my client’s garden to get the ideas rolling.



This one in particular – a Cardoon (Artichoke Thistle) before it’s bloomed – has prompted a small painting (below). It’s not the finished commission, just a bonus piece.




Mural Re-vamp on the Monon

Around the corner from my home, along the Monon are a series of murals that have seen better days. They were done in the late 90s, several by Broad Ripple High School students (including one by me!).

Well, it’s time for a facelift! A new mural is going up along this wall in late summer/fall thanks to Megan Jefferson, Holly Combs and the Department of Public Words.

I’ll swing by for pictures of my mural before it’s gone, but am excited to see what’s next in my neighborhood.


You can volunteer to help with the new mural here. I am!

Icon Collages at Homespun

One more month! The fine folks at Homespun: Modern Handmade on Mass Ave are showing six of my icon collages for another month.


Swing by and check out this great shop and maybe take home a Kate O piece of your own.


And thanks to Rana for the opportunity!


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

A few months ago while snowed in, I painted a map of downtown Indianapolis. It was made into prints and has been selling so well, I’ve begun working on Indy neighborhoods in the same style.

This weekend I worked on The Mass Ave cultural District. Almost done, Irvington is up next and I’m taking suggestions for other neighborhoods.




A little late, but a big thank you to friends new and old who visited me at Homespun: Modern Handmade last Friday night for the opening of my mini-show, Little Things.

Part of IDADA’s First Friday festivities, I was there doing some painting demos which included an awesome unicorn and rainbow collaboration with a seven year old. Plus there were macaroons.




A shout out to my friend Rana Salame for setting it all up and the folks at Homespun for being such great hosts.

BIG blank canvas

Just before leaving my Stutz studio almost two years ago, I went dumpster diving one last time (disclaimer: the dumpsters were indoors and in a building filled with artists so you knew there was going to be some gems).

I found three 3×4 foot canvas stretchers with previous paintings cut away from them. No doubt someone didn’t want to haul them any further and carefully sliced away the canvas and left these incredibly sturdy stretchers behind. So I hauled them away.

Nearly two years have passed and I’m finally getting around to making them mine.


I remember the challenge of working on a big painting. That is that they’re big and require more movement to get to all the nooks and crannies.


And lots of sitting on the floor.





And now this one needs a title. Any suggestions?



Do No Harm

I want to share the story of my lovely fellow artist, studio mate, super mama and friend, Emily Schwank of Raincliffs Photography.

Em works tirelessly to support her family – shooting families, weddings, and fine art images – as professional photographer. She is perhaps best known for her work photographing children, especially her own. They are beautiful, innocent, playful, deep and inspiring images of her brood. She makes no excuses for how she and her husband are raising their five incredible kids.

In the last week, someone (maybe more) has targeted her social media accounts, these are accounts that she uses daily to promote her business, part of her livelihood. It appears there’s someone out there who would rather report her accounts to Instagram and Facebook than simply unfriend or unfollow and it seems to the many who support her to be a personal attack.

While heartbreaking to experience and, as a friend, to watch, there’s something really great that has come out of this. The number of people coming to Emily’s defense with their kind words in recent days is truly remarkable. Additionally, Emily has shown herself to be resilient and I’m proud of her for it. She posted this on Facebook earlier today (after getting her account back):

“Hi Everyone,

Well, here is my official statement. I want to take a moment to explain exactly what has happened in the last week. First I was thrown off of Instagram for inappropriate images. I am permanently deleted from from Instagram and at this point it doesn’t even look like I can open a new account. My account was public, as I use it for work and to share my art work. Then one day later, I was reported on my personal Facebook account.This account is locked down which means, in all honesty, someone I am FB friends with reported me. Then last night an image on business page, Raincliffs Photography, had an image reported. It’s the one of Alice playing Duck Duck Goose that Chris posted below. My Raincliffs page is public and anyone might have reported this image. FB locked me out for 12 hours.

It is certainly hard to not take this personally and to not try to point fingers and there is no question I feel attacked. As a woman, an artist, a mother– I feel as though I always have to work have to get my voice — my work — out there and taken seriously . So yes. This hurts. A lot. But here’s the deal. I’m DONE with pain. I can only hope people who don’t like my work, my message and/or me just stay away. I won’t, I CAN’T stop doing what I’m doing and I feel even more motivated to do so. All of your words of love and support mean so very much to me… more than you can imagine.

Let us all go into world and Do No Harm… But Take NO SHIT.

Love to you all. And thank you, thank you for standing by me.”

Alice Duck Duck Goose

Alice playing Duck Duck Goose… the image in question.

So what’s the takeaway? Be the amazing artist that you are and take no shit from anyone.