About the Artist

About Page Collage

Kate Oberreich is an Indianapolis (IN) based mixed media artist doing her part to stimulate the economy by buying loads of art supplies. She regularly paints, draws, glues, glitters, reads, collects and belly dances.

Kate is the former Curator of Lilly Oncology On Canvas, where she managed an international art collection touring the US and abroad. In addition to being a full time artist, she currently maintains a day job with the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

In October 2014, Kate moved her studio to the Harrison Center for the Arts, located at 16th and Delaware in downtown Indy. Kate regularly exhibits her work in solo and group shows… and likes it when people buy art that makes them happy.

Her clients include Citizens Energy Group and 20th Century Fox (for the film The Fault in Our Stars) and private patrons across the US as well as in Canada, Germany, Ireland and France.

For more on Kate, please visit her website, www.kateoberreich.com.

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