All in the details

My new favorite thing seems to be drawing with white ink over super saturated watercolor, specifically Prussian Blue and indigo in an effort to get deep contrast. I started experimenting with white gel ink on water color earlier this year while getting ready for my show, Dreams About Flying, at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

The detail I can get has me falling in love with drawing again. I’ve often incorporated it into paintings, but haven’t let it stand on its own for some time.

Here’s a progression of a drawing in this style and material completed over the weekend:

Starting with deep blue watercolor on heavy duty Arches paper with some salt thrown in to create the background. It’s important to note that the watercolor background needs to be completely dry before beginning to draw with ink. I’ve been painting full sheets of paper and letting them dry overnight before I begin drawing. The gel ink will re-wet the watercolor if it’s not allowed to dry fully.


And the drawing begins!


Getting into the details…


And up close…


The finished painting/drawing is 11×14 inches and will be available (framed) in my studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts next month (August).

Do you have a fun drawing or painting technique you’d like to share? I’d love to try it out!

Midwest is Best

I’ve been in watercolor and ink mode all weekend working on projects for clients. But, I found time to work on another illustration project in honor of my home state. Midwest is Best progress Look for postcards and prints of the finished painting very soon!

***UPDATE*** – Postcards of ‘Midwest is Best’ are now available in my Etsy Shop and at Silver in the City on Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis.

A Year in the Stars

It’s been one year since I sat in a dark theater with a couple hundred people (mostly pre-teens) watching the ‘Night Before Our Stars’ preview of The Fault in Our Stars.

TFIOS Signed Poster

While I was of course looking forward to seeing the movie itself, I was more intent on spotting every tiny piece of artwork I had done for this film. I had been told by the set buyer (my contact at 20th Century Fox) where to look and sure enough Hazel Grace’s bedroom walls were covered in bits and pieces of the three sketchbooks I had submitted.

It’s surreal seeing something I made on a big screen. Most people won’t know or care that it’s there, it’s just part of the scenery, but it’s meant a year of new experiences and adventures to me.

I taught workshops on keeping sketchbooks for the first time, signed on with a gallery, won awards, done several local interviews, applied for programs that I might have skipped and had commissions that wouldn’t have happened without this movie. 2014/2015 is the official restart of my art business and TFIOS was a big part of it.

TFIOS with Asher

Thank you John Green for the book, Barbie Pastorik for the movie, and Emily and Asher Schwank for seeing it with me for the first time.

Client Profile: Twigs and Twine Jewelry

Earlier this week, I showed you this “&” as an ink drawing…


It’s part of a custom hand lettered logo for Twigs & Twine Jewelry which is a new line by the super talented Sara Leathers. Sara has been stamping and customizing away on .925 silver for a while now and selling her creations at Silver in the City.

SL Stamped

Upon learning that she didn’t have business or jewelry cards despite her growing clientele, we began to collaborate on designing a logo and one-of-a-kind text.

Twigs and Twine Sketch

Here’s the final product:

twigs and twine logoThink of Sara’s work for the holidays. Pick out something already available at Silver in the City or talk with her about a custom piece.


Grace Likes to Color


Every few months I’ve been designing and changing up a couple of walls at Silver in the City on Mass Ave. This past Sunday, I started on a new design as a thank you to our fab customers who voted us Best Local Gift/Home Store and Best Local Craft Store in Indy.

My friend and co-worker Grace informed me that she likes to color… like, a lot. So here she is being put to work coloring the NUVO logo.

This one is located behind the counter. Swing by to check it out and see why Silver in the City really is the best!

Pennant Painting

I whipped out the watercolors this weekend as I started on a commission for painted pennant garland that will be used as decor for an upcoming book signing.


The greens are done and the reds and oranges are next, followed by some assembly.



Need a custom banner for your event? Give me a shout! Or, be on the look out for an upcoming workshop where I’ll teach you how to make your own.