Throwback Thursday: Downpour


It’s been raining A LOT here in Indianapolis. Not just a bit of drizzle – we’ve had tree toppling, roof crushing, basement flooding rain in recent weeks. All this makes this painting, Downpour, seem especially appropriate for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Created in 2009, Downpour was recently exhibited as part of The Water Show at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. It’s back in the studio for the moment, but will hopefully be finding its way to a new home soon.

The Progress of a Commission

It’s not time-lapsed or anything, but here’s the progression of a recent commission featuring (surprise!) paper airplanes. Yes, the obsession continues and now I’m bringing others into the madness.

This painting was commissioned with a specific space and color story in mind…





For the most part, I love doing commissioned work. It works best when you already like what I do and want something custom in a similar vein.

Need something special for your home or as a gift? Drop me a note, I can work within a variety of mediums and sizes to fit your budget.

And now on Etsy

After a three year hiatus, I re-launched my Etsy shop last weekend. I’ve long hoped to find a new venue to promote and sell some of my work and maybe this is it?

Red Cage

Primed with a spattering of smaller works on canvas and paper, I plan to add more as time allows, but the goal is to find good, forever homes for some of my little ones.

In Knots

Most of the shop is filled with works that have seen other exhibits or were studies for ongoing series of larger works. I float back and forth between a love of working on tiny and big paintings. How great is it that I don’t have to choose? I do the same when it comes to the medium. For the most part, these pieces are done in acrylic paint on canvas, but look closer for graphite, house paint, collage elements, bits of old paintings, and more.

On a Wire 11x14

I hope you’ll visit and consider starting or continuing your Kate O. collection! Click on an image to be taken to it’s Etsy listing.

PS: Be my first ever Etsy customer and I’ll include a fun free gift with your purchase!

Tiny Things

Would you consider buying something if it were smaller? Sometimes smaller also means a lower price. In my case, it’s true. I’m playing around with some smaller pieces – which present their own challenges – for the Stutz Artists Open House at the end of this month (April 29-30, hope you’ll come!).

What do you think so far?