BIG blank canvas

Just before leaving my Stutz studio almost two years ago, I went dumpster diving one last time (disclaimer: the dumpsters were indoors and in a building filled with artists so you knew there was going to be some gems).

I found three 3×4 foot canvas stretchers with previous paintings cut away from them. No doubt someone didn’t want to haul them any further and carefully sliced away the canvas and left these incredibly sturdy stretchers behind. So I hauled them away.

Nearly two years have passed and I’m finally getting around to making them mine.


I remember the challenge of working on a big painting. That is that they’re big and require more movement to get to all the nooks and crannies.


And lots of sitting on the floor.





And now this one needs a title. Any suggestions?



Tiny Things

Would you consider buying something if it were smaller? Sometimes smaller also means a lower price. In my case, it’s true. I’m playing around with some smaller pieces – which present their own challenges – for the Stutz Artists Open House at the end of this month (April 29-30, hope you’ll come!).

What do you think so far?