All in the details

My new favorite thing seems to be drawing with white ink over super saturated watercolor, specifically Prussian Blue and indigo in an effort to get deep contrast. I started experimenting with white gel ink on water color earlier this year while getting ready for my show, Dreams About Flying, at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

The detail I can get has me falling in love with drawing again. I’ve often incorporated it into paintings, but haven’t let it stand on its own for some time.

Here’s a progression of a drawing in this style and material completed over the weekend:

Starting with deep blue watercolor on heavy duty Arches paper with some salt thrown in to create the background. It’s important to note that the watercolor background needs to be completely dry before beginning to draw with ink. I’ve been painting full sheets of paper and letting them dry overnight before I begin drawing. The gel ink will re-wet the watercolor if it’s not allowed to dry fully.


And the drawing begins!


Getting into the details…


And up close…


The finished painting/drawing is 11×14 inches and will be available (framed) in my studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts next month (August).

Do you have a fun drawing or painting technique you’d like to share? I’d love to try it out!

Social Sketch Indy

With several events and shows recently, I managed to forget to tell you about one of the bigger ones (ugh, staying on top of things is hard sometimes).

Social Sketch has come to Indianapolis! It started with friends gathering at a restaurant with their sketchbooks in San Francisco and has expanded to other cities including Oakland, Spokane, Denver and more. And now it’s here in Indy!

SSIndy Logo

I contacted the creators of Social Sketch to get the okay to bring it to Indy and got an enthusiastic ‘yes’. The concept is pretty simple, pick a location and invite people (artists and others welcome) to come draw together.

SS1 Lorie Lee

Social Sketch Indy #1 was held on June 5 in the Courtyard at the Harrison Center for the Arts. We had about forty people and one hedgehog (thanks for coming, Petunia!).


We’re busy planning the next event already, look for more information on our Facebook page, and on Instagram at @SocialSketchIndy.

And last a big ol’ special thanks to Stephanie Lewis Robertson for your help in planning and hosting, to the Harrison Center for the Arts for providing a location and Print Resources for creating sketchbooks that will be used at upcoming Social Sketches.

The Big Move


It’s been a surreal couple of weeks with some big changes. Seed and Star Studio on 54th Street as you knew it is no more. The artists, including myself, have moved on to new locations and projects.

At the end of September, I moved in to a new space a the Harrison Center for the Arts. You can find me in studio #015. If this number sounds familiar to Harrison Center regulars, it should. It was previously, wondrously, creatively filled with the magic that was my friend, Susan Hodgin. Susan passed almost a month ago and I’m so very honored to be in her space.


I’m slowly getting started in the new studio with two First Friday openings under my belt, two commissions in the works, prep for two workshops I’ll be teaching in Mooresville and Lafayette in November and (I hope) holiday commissions.



I invite you to come check out the new studio – I’m not sure yet if it will be the new ‘Seed & Star’ – on IDADA First Friday, November 7 from 6-9pm.

City Gallery

Let’s have a show! My show at City Gallery at the Harrison Center for the Arts (1505 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis) opens tonight! This is my first solo show in almost two years and I am so proud of this work.

It contains mostly new work, only two pieces were made prior to 2011, and focuses on the various neighborhoods in Indy in which I’ve lived throughout my life. We jump from Herron Morton Place to Meridian Kessler to the trendily-named SoBro. All neighborhoods with some history.

Urban living is what City Gallery is all about. Opening just a few months ago on the Delaware side of the Harrison Center, City Gallery seeks to strengthen Indy’s core neighborhoods. In addition to seeing monthly art shows it’s a place to find out more about housing opportunities, the age old “buy vs rent” question, to talk revitalization and more.

The show opens tonight, October 7, as part of IDADA’s First Friday Gallery Tour. In addition to me in the City Gallery, catch the funky William Denton Ray in the main gallery and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange Mini (featuring 30 artists, including my friend Sara B. of Sara B. Jewelry!) in the Gym.

Come see some art and socialize, why don’t cha?


Art About Town

Last night I First Friday’d with my favorite jeweler, Sara B. Here’s some of what we saw and where we saw it…

The night began with Bodies of Work: The Figurative Work of Travis S. Little at the StutzArtSpace Gallery where I was finishing up some last minute prep for the opening. This was the Gallery’s first ever solo show (previously group shows only) and what a success! I hear rumors of some sales already.

Next up was Bound, a book arts show at the Harrison Center for the Arts and a chance to scope out their new City Gallery where I’ve submitted artwork to be considered.

It’s a map of Dublin?!

This was just because (outside the Harrison Center).

As for the rest of the night, the camera started to freak out so that’s it on pictures. We also saw Transcendence at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Hungry Weeds (yay, Emily!) at Nancy Lee Designs and Photos Unfolding at Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage.

Never seem to make it down to Fountain Square…there’s just too much going on for one night!


A Very Arty Weekend

In case you missed my show at Wug Laku’s Studio and Garage in February and March of this year (it’s okay, I understand. You were busy.), you can catch much of the artwork again this weekend at the Harrison Center for the Arts (16th and Delaware St.). It’s on view outside of the Harrison Gallery on the main level.

Also this weekend at the Harrison Center is the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, a contemporary craft fair celebrating handmade goods.  I think you should visit with all the vendors, but especially my friends Kate Loar (Oh, Come On), Sara Bienecki (Sara B. Jewelry and Metalsmithing) and Heather Givans (Crimson Tate Modern Quilter). Cuz they’re way cool people.

I, of course, must also recommend taking a spin through the Talbot Street Art Fair, just around the corner from the Harrison Center, where you can check out the Hole Pottery (my mom) booth. It’s going to be a very arty weekend.