Save Melanie’s Apartment…and get some great art, too

I don’t usually donate to auctions. In general, they’re unfair to artists. We don’t actually get write off the fair market value of our work.

However, every once in a while a fundraiser comes along that means enough to me to that none of that matters. I’m not in it for the publicity, the hordes of promised new patrons, the insistence that I can knock some money off my taxes. I’m in it because it’s right.

This cause is right. I’ve donated and helped to organize an art auction, going on now on Facebook, in which all the money raised will go to help pay much needed rent for a friend.

About two years ago, Melanie lost her job. She’s a strong and talented person with immeasurable skills, but has been unable to find a job since. Now, she’s looking at the real possibility of losing her apartment.

For over twenty years Melanie has worked tirelessly for the Indiana arts community. It’s time for us to support her and give something back! – Michelle Merle Pace, artist, friend, Save Melanie’s Apartment organizer.

I met Melanie and the Indianapolis Art Center (then it was the Indianapolis Art League) as a kid as I tagged along with my mom for classes. Later, I got to know her better when I became an intern in the exhibitions department while in high school and she was running the IAC’s shop. I watched and admired her honest interaction with artists who sought representation or just an objective, thoughtful opinion of their work. She helped to start the careers of so many artists in Central Indiana by giving them a venue in either the shop or with hallway exhibits or just by being there for them. Few have worked harder on behalf of artists.

With that, I hope you’ll consider checking out the auction, which runs through 9pm EST on Monday, July 23. It’s a small, but mighty array of fine art and jewelry pieces from a pretty talented bunch, many with a direct connection to Melanie. You can pick up a great piece of art and help out a friend at the same time. All participating organizers and artists are donating their time and art so that all money raised goes directly to help our friend.  If you would rather not bid, you can contribute directly here via Indiegogo.
Thank you in advance. You’re doing real good.
P.S. If you would like more information on HR1190 (the Artist-Museum Partnership Act of 2011), visit the Americans for the Arts website or the bill itself can be seen here.

Mona Lisa

Master forger I am not.

I’m sharing today an early, early photo of  a project I’m working on for the Indianapolis Art Center. This 3 x 6′ painting of the Mona Lisa will be on display at next weekend’s Penrod Art Fair on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Imagine it with the face and hands cut out allowing you to step behind and become part of the painting (don’t forget your Mona Lisa smile)…yeah, that’s the plan.

It’s well on it’s way now, but no sneak peeks ahead of the big reveal at Penrod…sorry. Obviously, it won’t be an exact copy of the Mona Lisa. The background will include a view of the Indianapolis Art Center’s building. It’s been fun to work on a project for someone else for a bit, but I’m ready to get back into the studio this weekend.

Enjoy this fab weather!


Remnants Opens at the Indianapolis Art Center

A bit late, yes. But, I wanted to show off some behind-the-scenes pictures of the installation of my new show ‘Remnants’ at the Indianapolis Art Center

Remnants is a series of small collage paintings that evolved out of my lack of ability to throw anything (art material) away. Each piece is made from the odds and ends of other paintings and collages. They are my ‘triumph over failure’ so to speak. I took artwork that simply wasn’t working and re-imagined it into small-scale collages. This is me ‘up-cycling’.

Should you become the proud owner of a Remnant (which is easy to do- more than 30 are available at the Art Center now through August 1), you should know, for most of the pieces, the paper surface has been left exposed. I therefore, recommend that you not hang or display your Remnant in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms or near stoves. You wouldn’t be happy with the result.

Melanie Reckas hanging Remnants

 Remnants is on view in the Basile Studio Shop Hallway now through August 1. Plenty of time to get out and see it.