Sketchbook Sunday: Thumbnails

Playing with composition on a small scale, using thumbnail sketches to hammer out some ideas. Don’t be afraid of using paint in your sketchbook, just make sure to leave it open to dry. I would show you some examples of what those pages look like when you don’t, but I can’t. Because they’re glued together.

Oberreich Sketchbook 9

Social Sketch Indy

With several events and shows recently, I managed to forget to tell you about one of the bigger ones (ugh, staying on top of things is hard sometimes).

Social Sketch has come to Indianapolis! It started with friends gathering at a restaurant with their sketchbooks in San Francisco and has expanded to other cities including Oakland, Spokane, Denver and more. And now it’s here in Indy!

SSIndy Logo

I contacted the creators of Social Sketch to get the okay to bring it to Indy and got an enthusiastic ‘yes’. The concept is pretty simple, pick a location and invite people (artists and others welcome) to come draw together.

SS1 Lorie Lee

Social Sketch Indy #1 was held on June 5 in the Courtyard at the Harrison Center for the Arts. We had about forty people and one hedgehog (thanks for coming, Petunia!).


We’re busy planning the next event already, look for more information on our Facebook page, and on Instagram at @SocialSketchIndy.

And last a big ol’ special thanks to Stephanie Lewis Robertson for your help in planning and hosting, to the Harrison Center for the Arts for providing a location and Print Resources for creating sketchbooks that will be used at upcoming Social Sketches.

Sketchbook Sunday: TFIOS Anniversary

A year ago the feature film The Fault in Our Stars opened in theaters. Not quite a year before, I was commissioned by the set buyer to create three sketchbooks to be used in the movie. While the books themselves weren’t used, the images they contained were removed and adorned the bedroom walls of Hazel Grace Lancaster. Here’s to reliving my 15 minutes (more like 2 minutes) of fame.


Client Profile: Twigs and Twine Jewelry

Earlier this week, I showed you this “&” as an ink drawing…


It’s part of a custom hand lettered logo for Twigs & Twine Jewelry which is a new line by the super talented Sara Leathers. Sara has been stamping and customizing away on .925 silver for a while now and selling her creations at Silver in the City.

SL Stamped

Upon learning that she didn’t have business or jewelry cards despite her growing clientele, we began to collaborate on designing a logo and one-of-a-kind text.

Twigs and Twine Sketch

Here’s the final product:

twigs and twine logoThink of Sara’s work for the holidays. Pick out something already available at Silver in the City or talk with her about a custom piece.


The Big Move


It’s been a surreal couple of weeks with some big changes. Seed and Star Studio on 54th Street as you knew it is no more. The artists, including myself, have moved on to new locations and projects.

At the end of September, I moved in to a new space a the Harrison Center for the Arts. You can find me in studio #015. If this number sounds familiar to Harrison Center regulars, it should. It was previously, wondrously, creatively filled with the magic that was my friend, Susan Hodgin. Susan passed almost a month ago and I’m so very honored to be in her space.


I’m slowly getting started in the new studio with two First Friday openings under my belt, two commissions in the works, prep for two workshops I’ll be teaching in Mooresville and Lafayette in November and (I hope) holiday commissions.



I invite you to come check out the new studio – I’m not sure yet if it will be the new ‘Seed & Star’ – on IDADA First Friday, November 7 from 6-9pm.

Grace Likes to Color


Every few months I’ve been designing and changing up a couple of walls at Silver in the City on Mass Ave. This past Sunday, I started on a new design as a thank you to our fab customers who voted us Best Local Gift/Home Store and Best Local Craft Store in Indy.

My friend and co-worker Grace informed me that she likes to color… like, a lot. So here she is being put to work coloring the NUVO logo.

This one is located behind the counter. Swing by to check it out and see why Silver in the City really is the best!