Weekend Wrap Up


Between my day job and client work, there will be times that I disappear for a bit. The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of commissions (thank you!), varying work schedules, making time for friends and carving out time to work on my own projects. This past weekend had it all.

Creative Mornings, a breakfast + lecture series in 120+ cities around the world, kicked off my weekend with some much needed motivation and the chance to catch up with other Indy creatives.

I work in a sun-lit arts, cultural and event venue, complete with a Saturday evening wedding. This was followed by “cake night” at a friend’s house with a goal of bringing a bit of cheer to friends after an especially trying week.

I then took Sunday as all mine in the studio. No client work, no commissions – nothing by my own passion projects and prep for my upcoming September show at Playful Soul in the Broad Ripple.

How was your weekend?

KO Playful Soul

All in the details

My new favorite thing seems to be drawing with white ink over super saturated watercolor, specifically Prussian Blue and indigo in an effort to get deep contrast. I started experimenting with white gel ink on water color earlier this year while getting ready for my show, Dreams About Flying, at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

The detail I can get has me falling in love with drawing again. I’ve often incorporated it into paintings, but haven’t let it stand on its own for some time.

Here’s a progression of a drawing in this style and material completed over the weekend:

Starting with deep blue watercolor on heavy duty Arches paper with some salt thrown in to create the background. It’s important to note that the watercolor background needs to be completely dry before beginning to draw with ink. I’ve been painting full sheets of paper and letting them dry overnight before I begin drawing. The gel ink will re-wet the watercolor if it’s not allowed to dry fully.


And the drawing begins!


Getting into the details…


And up close…


The finished painting/drawing is 11×14 inches and will be available (framed) in my studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts next month (August).

Do you have a fun drawing or painting technique you’d like to share? I’d love to try it out!

Website and Life Update

I’m sorry. I’ve been horrible about adding new things to the blog. I’ve even lost track of my photo-a-day project. There’s a good reason for it though.

The last month has had me preparing for my trip to Portland (thank you so much to my supporters, both financial and otherwise for helping me get there), launching the new Tiny Shows at Seed & Star Studio, finishing out a couple of commissions and starting on a new, secret-for-now project. Don’t worry, as soon as I can say more I will.

In the meantime, I’ve snuck in a quick update to my website. PSA to artists – get a website (or blog, or some other venue for people to see your work online). Even my age old, hardly updated website has put enough work out there to hook me up with the afore mentioned secret project.


I’ve added several new images to the Art section, 2011-present, including many that have been on view at Ashland Gallery over the last few months. Many thanks to John McKee for the show with my mom, Sandi Finney.



Swing by the site, take a look around and watch for more regular updates.

Art About Town

Last night I First Friday’d with my favorite jeweler, Sara B. Here’s some of what we saw and where we saw it…

The night began with Bodies of Work: The Figurative Work of Travis S. Little at the StutzArtSpace Gallery where I was finishing up some last minute prep for the opening. This was the Gallery’s first ever solo show (previously group shows only) and what a success! I hear rumors of some sales already.

Next up was Bound, a book arts show at the Harrison Center for the Arts and a chance to scope out their new City Gallery where I’ve submitted artwork to be considered.

It’s a map of Dublin?!

This was just because (outside the Harrison Center).

As for the rest of the night, the camera started to freak out so that’s it on pictures. We also saw Transcendence at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Hungry Weeds (yay, Emily!) at Nancy Lee Designs and Photos Unfolding at Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage.

Never seem to make it down to Fountain Square…there’s just too much going on for one night!


A Very Arty Weekend

In case you missed my show at Wug Laku’s Studio and Garage in February and March of this year (it’s okay, I understand. You were busy.), you can catch much of the artwork again this weekend at the Harrison Center for the Arts (16th and Delaware St.). It’s on view outside of the Harrison Gallery on the main level.

Also this weekend at the Harrison Center is the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, a contemporary craft fair celebrating handmade goods.  I think you should visit with all the vendors, but especially my friends Kate Loar (Oh, Come On), Sara Bienecki (Sara B. Jewelry and Metalsmithing) and Heather Givans (Crimson Tate Modern Quilter). Cuz they’re way cool people.

I, of course, must also recommend taking a spin through the Talbot Street Art Fair, just around the corner from the Harrison Center, where you can check out the Hole Pottery (my mom) booth. It’s going to be a very arty weekend.


The Journal Show

The Journal Show is the name of a show I’m curating that will be at the StutzArtSpace Gallery next fall/winter. It’s not a very creative name, just a working title.

The dates are set…November 5-December 17, 2010. It seems so far away, but there’s tons to do between now and then.

So here’s the skinny on the exhibit…it will be an invitational (please no one feel bad if you’re not invited), featuring 15-20 artists. The ‘work’ on view will be artist’s journals and sketchbooks with the goal being to show the creative process of creating art. We are also asking our artists to show a piece of finished work to hang above or near their journal to show the end result.

The exhibit is very loosly based on the 1000 Journals Project, where 1000 blank journals were sent out into the world to be filled, culminating with a website and exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco this past Spring. We hope to have a few well-traveled collaborative journals too.

In addition to the art exhibit, we have a tenative agreement to do screenings of the 1000 Journals Film by director/producer/writer Andrea Kreuzhage- DVDs of the film will also be available for purchase. If you just can’t wait, you can buy it on Amazon now.

The last component of all this is a series of workshops…on the books (pun intended) are workshops on travel journaling, bookmaking, altered books and more.

So, the details are being worked out, I’m writing a budget (blargh), lining up potential artists, setting up long-lead PR, and making general plans for a sweet exhibit.

More info to come.


Irvington Guild of Artists Collector’s Show

The Irvington Guild of Artists will exhibit the IGA Collector’s Show, opening tonight (5:30-8pm). My painting New Depths is one of the pieces featured, from the collection of Irvington resident (and artist!) Ginny Taylor Rosner.


Your Official Invite…

Please join us at the opening of the IGA Collector’s Show hosted by the BonaThompson Memorial Center at 5350 University Ave.

What: Art Reception with food, wine and conversation.
When: May 22, 2009 from 5:30-8:00pm

The show is on view from May 22 – August 2 2009 during regular gallery hours at the BTMC.

The IGA Collectors Show highlights the importance of collecting original fine and and showcases original works from 8 private collections belonging to Irvington residents.


PS: If you like this piece, there are three others from the same series that are very similar available. Send me a note for more info.