In Progress: Garden Art

Here I am once again working on a piece for one of my favorite patrons. Seriously, these folks have been so good to me. This will be the fourth painting I’ve done for this merry band of garden gurus and I’m so thrilled with the freedom they’ve given me to do the work I love.

The others have been hung in more communal spaces, but this one is just for the boss. It will hang in his office and my aim is to bring the outside in.


It’s a big one this time (3 x 5 feet) and will center around growing things, both above and below ground. The underpainting is well on its way and I can’t wait to get back to the studio to keep going.

Here’s a detail of the center section:


I’m harkening back to my roots (get it?) of drawing and painting seeds like this one in one of my older sketchbooks:


And this one, drawn yesterday:


More to come… you can see more of the progression of this piece and others on Instagram. Follow me at @seedandstar.


Sketchbook Sunday: All Natural

Roots. Branches. Twigs. Trees.

Of the two sketches here, one of them will likely become a finished piece. I just can’t decide whether or not to let it stand alone or incorporate it into a collaged piece. Decisions, decisions.

I’m continuing to see what all I can do with simple lines on dark blue painted papers as well as more roots and branches. I love the time-consuming nature of these drawings. They require patience that I didn’t think I had.

Branches Sketches

Sketchbook Sunday: Peony Project

Every year in mid-May, peonies pop up all over my garden. I keep splitting them and adding more. They’re the state (Indiana) flower and the subject of a new series of watercolor and ink paintings that are set to become the latest in a line of postcards.

Here’s how the first the series turned out, from sketch to completion. Happy #sketchbooksunday!

Peony Drawing

Peony in progress


New events this week

This Friday’s Broad Ripple Gallery Tour is all about Kate! Just kidding, kinda.

The Fall Broad Ripple Gallery Tour takes place this Friday, September 18, 2015 from 5-9pm and I will have work in two galleries on the tour.

The first is a solo show at the Playful Soul. This one features a mix of old and (mostly) new paintings and drawings centered around the theme of openness and space. Breathing Space has about twelve pieces, several utilizing the white ink drawing over dark blue watercolor backgrounds that I’ve been so loving lately.

KO Playful Soul

The second show is Drawing Conclusions at Ashland Gallery. With over forty established and emerging artists showing off their drawing skills, I’m in good company.

“We’re all made of stars”, graphite on gesso’d canvas

Each show is about a block from the the other so I encourage you to see both, along with the many artists throughout Broad Ripple.

About Face

A lot of years ago I painted portraits and figures non-stop. You couldn’t make me draw or paint something abstract, now it seems that’s about all I do (and I love that too).

Recently, I started sketching some faces. They were a bit of an upgrade to the ones I did in high school and college (I’ll show you some of those in another post). The result is the start of a new series of small portraits, of no one in particular, on wood. I’m starting with 5 x7 inch ovals and 5 x 5 inch circles, but am already thinking of pieces a bit larger.

IMG_8182The first piece in this series, Blue Tattoo Girl, is complete and available in my Etsy shop. I’ll also have her and I hope others in my studio when I’m open for IDADA First Friday on August 7.

Here’s the evolution of Blue Tattoo Girl.




Blue Tattoo Girl with watermark

And a sneak peek of the next one…


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Sketchbook Sunday: Social Sketch Edition

Social Sketch #2 was held earlier this week at the Eiteljorg Museum at a sweet spot along the downtown canal, complete with great friends (old and new) and live music. There was some gold panning too.

Some awesome drawings and paintings where made, in particular, this one by Laura Levine. Laura is mainly a ceramic sculptor who exhibits her work all around Indianapolis, but I was especially taken with these drawings of those around us that night.

With that, I’m giving this Sketchbook Sunday to Laura:


Throwback Thursday: Downpour


It’s been raining A LOT here in Indianapolis. Not just a bit of drizzle – we’ve had tree toppling, roof crushing, basement flooding rain in recent weeks. All this makes this painting, Downpour, seem especially appropriate for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Created in 2009, Downpour was recently exhibited as part of The Water Show at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. It’s back in the studio for the moment, but will hopefully be finding its way to a new home soon.