Website and Life Update

I’m sorry. I’ve been horrible about adding new things to the blog. I’ve even lost track of my photo-a-day project. There’s a good reason for it though.

The last month has had me preparing for my trip to Portland (thank you so much to my supporters, both financial and otherwise for helping me get there), launching the new Tiny Shows at Seed & Star Studio, finishing out a couple of commissionsĀ and starting on a new, secret-for-now project. Don’t worry, as soon as I can say more I will.

In the meantime, I’ve snuck in a quick update to my website. PSA to artists – get a website (or blog, or some other venue for people to see your work online). Even my age old, hardly updated website has put enough work out there to hook me up with the afore mentioned secret project.


I’ve added several new images to the Art section, 2011-present, including many that have been on view at Ashland Gallery over the last few months. Many thanks to John McKee for the show with my mom, Sandi Finney.



Swing by the site, take a look around and watch for more regular updates.

Happy Weekend Eve!

Juanita, my well traveled Mexican chicken says, “Happy weekend eve!”

Hello friends!

I’ll be painting and packing like mad in between visits to this weekend’s Broad Ripple Art Fair. Stay tuned for more info on the TWO shows I’m crazy enough to attempt in one month… The World Went On opens at Nancy Lee Designs on Friday, June 1 and I’ll have seven pieces at the StutzArtSpace Gallery for Walk Away With Art (details TBA).

The packing of the Stutz studio continues this weekend as well as everything heads over to the new studio!

Whew! So much to do in such a small amount of time!

Studio Visit

I know the Stutz Open House is coming up (April 23-24), but how about a quick look around my studio in the meantime…actually, this is better. For the Open House we all clean up our act and our studios. They often look nothing like they do when we’re working in them the rest of the year.

You can also check out a few of the pieces I’m preparing for my show, Undertow, opening Friday, February 5 (6-10pm) at wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE.

As always, more to come. The studio space is ever evolving.